Aviva Workplace Wellness Scheme

Aviva, the large insurance company, implemented a comprehensive mental health program to support its employees.

This initiative included mental health training, awareness campaigns, and access to counselling services.

Aviva saw a significant increase in employee engagement, with 94% of staff members reporting that they felt Aviva was committed to employee well-being. Additionally, there was a reduction in absenteeism due to mental health issues, resulting in cost savings for the company.

Lessons to learn

Investment in welfare, wellness and mindfulness benefits the users – employees, staff, team members and owners. Personal growth, improved mental health effects the ability to perform at work with more engagement, understanding, problem solving ability and more willingness to cooperate. This leads to improved company operations, less staff turnover and it shows in company profits.

Showing you care or have welfare provisions, used or not, shows interest and reflects on a members goodwill to the business.

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