Wellness Within Spa

“This is for coaches, teachers, consultants, mentors, trainers or other similar professions who are after clients, customers or consumers. We use coaches as a generic term for the coaching community

Would you like to generate leads for your coaching, teaching, consultancy or mentoring business – for free?
Would you like to network with other coaches and develop new skills, work ventures and other exciting opportunities?
Would you like to run paid workshops to our Spa Club members?
Would you like to take part on webinars or ‘coaching spotlight’ sessions to demonstrate your speciality to prospect and reach out to both private and corporate members within here?
Would you like all of this for FREE without any joining fee or commission taken?
If the answer is YES to any of these, please read on!

Watch this video to find out more about the Spa!

We would love to have you on board; please read the Guide, FAQ’s and T&C’s below – 2 minutes.

Coaching Overview Guide – Download If Required

How will members use the spa?

We expect some will come in and focus on a particular area; however, it has been designed to take people on a journey. Starting with balancing mental health and getting a grounded base, they can then work on their physical health, personal appearance (incl: confidence, posture & style) through to goal setting and starting to achieve what you want.

What sort of members will be in here?

We have 4 main areas we will be focussing in on:
1. Charities, we will be offering free places to volunteers of charities as our ‘give back’ to the community of volunteers.
2. Individuals who want personal membership for growth, community, learning, challenges and a sanctuary – this will extend out to ‘family passes’ as well.
3. Businesses, we will be offering business staff welfare schemes. Business can sign up and offer their staff access to the welfare provisions within (mindfulness, confidence, esteem, health, diet) as well as some business only areas for mindset, learning, creative output). These will have unique business ‘white label’ login areas, personal to that business.
4. Organisations/groups with members or followers can join and get group member discounts as well as a unique members rooms with bespoke mindset and organisational focused training.

I am not from the UK, can I join?

Yes, we will be advertising and having members from a variety of countries.

I am not a coach, will that affect anything?

No, as long as you have a transferable skill that can be taught, demonstrated or used by a member to benefit from, then there is no barrier to entry. We are using coach as an umbrella term, it could be for teacher, mentor, consultant or similarly related.

Can I become an affiliate as well?

If you want to be an affiliate and share the news of the club, you can sign up as an affiliate and earn as well.

I have some teaching that I feel needs more prominence

If you have some teaching that is unique, of value or can reach a wider audience; we can spotlight it and consider giving it a special room. Variables will need to be considered.

I don’t have a big social following, will that affect matters?

No, the main thing is all coaches join the community, both by sharing social posts and joining in the social group and helping to answer any questions.

Are there any terms & conditions?

Yes, look at the pop up modal below by clicking the button!

1. Your application is no guarantee of a listing. There are areas we need to check for:

> Duplicate content. If your content is exact same as another Coach in delivery, target audience and message; we will let you know and give you the opportunity to adjust it or leave it no accepted.

> Content in areas we are not covering in the Spa. Anything to do with spiritualism, fortune telling, tarots, omens or anything similarly related. We are aiming to keep teaching based on mindset, habit, beliefs, psychology, retraining and similar.

> Content that nature or delivery. Adult (not all, but graphic or obscene in nature), offensive, delivered with language designed to harm or anything that breaches reasonable and fair. Behaviour & teaching free from prejudice of race, religion, sexuality and all areas covered by law.

> Quality. If your content is not of a sufficient standard in its teaching or quality of delivery; it can be rejected along with your application. We are not looking for broadcasting corporation quality – but it has to be clearly delivered and understood.

2. Your involvement means we ask that you do two things once a month:

> Share to your social followers, email subscribers or connections that your teaching is in the Wellness Within and they are free to sign up, get 7 days free and look at your teaching.

> Share any events (you only need share 1 a month) that are webinars or workshops – as per above – to help spread the news and encourage participation.

3. Coaching. All regular members do not get coaching support, but they can contact you (via our filtering process) for direct coaching. Other members, who purchase a Gold coaching level, get access to your email address where they can ask you questions based on your contribution/experience.

Outside of email support, and member involvement does not attract any commission or fees, you get 100% of the fee and they are a direct client of yours. If that is used to remove a client from the Wellness Within Spa, then it could lead to us removing your profile.

Essentially, we expect fair play, reasonableness and cooperation to make things work.

4. The catch all one. Any abusive nature to other members, coaches or any communication that refers to this club in a manner likely to do harm to it’s reputation or membership – will be treated as immediate termination and any coaching funds due will be withheld until it has been investigated fully.

5. GDPR, privacy and record keeping of any coaching is within your jurisdiction. Let’s just be sensible.

6. Please stay on our mailing list (you will be added when you subscribe) and in our social group – it helps keep communication to 2 easy channels.

7. Media. We will be promoting exercises and coaches to our followers on social media and email subscribers; that may include yours. We also may use it in any marketing or promotions or the club or events. If you wish to be excluded from this, let us know – otherwise we may use your picture, bio write up and any customer testimonials we may receive back.

Please close and continue with your application.


  1. Watch the sign up instruction video “Click Here And Watch Me”.
  2. Click the “Sign Up As A Coach Here”.
  3. Get your confirmation email and follow up with the final steps to set you up to be found in the Spa and supporting marketing of your profile.

After watching the video – you can sign up now!

Look forward to seeing you on the other side.

After enrolling your confirmation email will bring you back here to finish off.

Join the coaching community in the Spa by signing up:

Email over your content to – any files over 10Mg will not come through. Use a service like – you can send up to 2G for free.

Watch out for your email to say your content has been uploaded, once uploaded your profile will go live – until then it remains in a Pending listing state.

We support our coaches by putting out a Spotlight poster on a weekly basis showcasing their skill and personality. This is an example of course, Albert isn’t a coach.

Coaching Spotlight Demo Einstein

Go to your members area HERE and use this as a template for how much information to supply. It is on your profile page

Welcome on board, I look forward to creating a thriving coaching community for our members and those seeking personal and/or business growth. Let’s see what magic we can create.