Wellness Within Club Affiliate Partner Scheme

Affiliate Package

Welcome to the most unique personal development affiliate package around. You can sign up to any of 3 different schemes and earn different levels of commission, gain access to higher levels, recruit others and earn on their commission and gain access to a range of teaching courses, training events and health club rooms.

Each of the schemes offers something unique.

Effort Free scheme – has a single products that is so flexible it can be sold in many different ways, to view the page and find out more about it, select the Effort button below. You get a single high level payout on each sale. A single sale each week could earn you around £1500 a month!

LifeTools scheme – we have a variety of training courses over 2-3 months, small home study digital courses and more. Over 40+ products, a wide range of prices and mainly all digital! So many opportunities!

Wellness Within Club scheme – an online health club that has both individuals, businesses and organisations. People pay a one off or ongoing monthly subscriptions; so you can get a variety of payments. You could get one sale that has payments coming each month for a whole year!

To learn more about each scheme and sign up; go here:

Effort Scheme
LifeTools Scheme
Wellness Scheme