Your 7 Day Mindfulness Challenge

This 7 Day Mindfulness Challenge has been designed to introduce you to a range of exercises in the Mindfulness Area in our Spa.

You pick follow a single challenge each day and at the end of the 7 days, you should be feeling calmer, more relaxed, more grounded, more peaceful and have a more rounded demeanour.

It ties in with the 7 day free access. All you need to do is join up (as the exercises are all within private members areas), you get 7 days access and you can go over the 7 Day Challenge in that time! It fits perfect. You can then decide if you want to continue to build a lifestyle of wellness, mindfulness, health, fitness & confidence – or you can leave. The choice and decision lies with you.

During the challenge you will get to experience:

Challenge Bonus!

Everyone who completes the challenge will get a £20 voucher to be used against one of the products in our shop! Just complete the challenge, email a feedback sheet to us and we will send you your voucher. Details will be supplied when you start.

What Next?

  1. Enrol , get your 7 days free access, so you get access to the Mindfulness training rooms If you are currently a member, you can login and go straight to the challenge.
  2. Once in, go to the ‘7 Day Challenge room’ in the Mindfulness area and download your challenge form.
  3. Complete the challenge and then you are free to continue or cancel.
  4. The instructions for what next are in the members reception for you to claim your £20 rewards to spend at the Spa shop (if you cancel your spa membership after the 7 days trial, you can still use the voucher and access the shop).


If you are not currently a Spa member and are coming to the Spa to undertake this challenge, you can get another 7 days free access! This means if you miss a day, you can still do it within your trial period. Simply click the button below to reveal a coupon code; put this code in when you register and you will get 14 days free access instead of 7!

Make Friends in your 7 Day Challenge
Make friends during the challenge
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